Disney’s success on the cinema side MarvelWarner Bros. He wanted to catch it for DC However, due to some mistakes, successful productions could not be produced. Trying to reset the universe for the last few years and once again try its luck with new series and movies Warner Bros, From DC characters Batgirl ve Zatanna He confirmed that he has projects for.

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Warner Bros. rumored for a while Batgirl ve Zatanna approved his projects recently. Your projects publication in the next few years Waiting. However, the projects will it be a movie or a series to be shown on HBO Max it is not known that it will happen.

Along with The Batman movie, HBO Max Batman universe It was already announced that the Batgirl series or movie would be created. no surprise. Zatanna is a surprising character here, but he has been rumored to be rumored for the past few years, too.

We hope DC and Warner Bros. DC Cinematic Universe ”He edits the business and appears with regular productions such as Marvel.


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