The moves made by technology giants to speed up coronvirus vaccination continue. After Google turns certain offices into vaccination centers, Facebook is preparing a section for vaccine tracking.

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Google transforms some offices to Covid-19 vaccination point

Vaccine tracking from Facebook

New episode that started in the USA in the first place COVID-19 Information Center will be included in. In the section that will work in cooperation with, information will be given about when, at which center and how vaccination appointments can be made.

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Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are aiming for people to reach the vaccine more easily and quickly with the new feature. The COVID-19 Information Center will also take place on Instagram and will provide information about the coronavirus, as well as the vaccine program. Chat bots in WhatsApp will also help in vaccination.

Apart from the USA, Facebook plans to bring vaccine tracking feature to other countries. As vaccination becomes widespread and cooperation with official tracking platforms, global vaccine tracking will expand.

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