The focus of discussions is on deducting a certain amount of revenue from each developer that shows up in the Google Play and App Store stores. Epic Games is at odds with app stores because it doesn’t want to share its revenue. Apart from that, many developers complain of high interruptions. We see that the platforms are slowly starting to take a step back.

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Google Play As it is known, it deducts 30 percent from the income of developers. In other words, a developer who earns 100TL has to leave 30TL to Google. As earnings grow, so do cuts, and therefore it is annoying that these large numbers go to Google, which enforces strict rules.

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Google took an important step in this regard and as of 1 July Google Play announced that it will be discounted for certain conditions. If the developer’s revenue is less than $ 1 million during the year, the deduction will be revised to 15 percent. If it exceeds 1 million dollars during the year, it will be applied as 30 percent again.

Google states that the proportion of developers with annual revenue of less than $ 1 million is 99 percent. In this regard, the 15 percent deduction will spread to almost the entire developer ecosystem, and the difference will create a significant budget for developers. Google will provide more detailed information about the outage in the coming months.

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