Foldable smartphones are now a reality of the market and many manufacturers are developing projects. One of them is Chinese Xiaomi. New images of the company’s prototype, which is estimated to be ready for use, have been leaked.

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XiaomiIt has been known for about two years that has been working on foldable screen phones. In fact, from time to time, the test images of the administrators were also leaked. Images also shape the model that is likely to hit the market.

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Xiaomi’s focus on aesthetics Mi Mix The inner screen of the foldable phone, which was understood to be included in the series, was displayed in a subway station. Now, the images with the outer body and the hinge mechanism have been leaked.

The outer screen of the smartphone, which folds inward, will also be a little small according to estimates. It is understood that the interface of the triple camera system, which stands out, is also adapted for folding. It is not yet known when Xiaomi will launch a launch.

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