Volkswagen Groupfor electric vehicles battery manufacturing announced plans to halve its cost. To achieve this goal, the automaker is still under development. single cell batteries plans to use. Company representatives, Power Day They gave information about this subject in their presentation.

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Volkswagen Group board member Thomas Schmall said the company is not only aiming to lower the cost of batteries for electric cars, but also to increase their efficiency. To 2030 until the new development of all Volkswagen electric vehicles 80% is planned to be used. The company president also stated that the innovative batteries will be produced in-house and will be put into production as early as 2023. The company, electric vehicles of advanced technology affordable and is sure to help make it a dominant driving technology.

Battery technology It is worth noting that the development race is one of the most expensive on the planet. Almost every automaker is on the future of electric vehicles bet playing. To gain an important place in the international market, companies need to use batteries stronger, more resistant and more cheap They are in an effort to make it.

Volkswagen is not afraid of competition

But Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess He is not afraid of competition and states that their conversion will be fast, massive, and unprecedented. The company has never seen the automotive industry technical progress claim to show.

In addition to innovative developments, Volkswagen, the USA and China charging points plans to expand. Subsidiary Electrify America around the end of 2021 in North America 3,500 fast charging point, and by the end of 2025, the automaker will 17.000 will build a charging point. By comparison, Teslaworldwide 20.000 it has a charging point.

During the presentation, company representatives also From 2022 Volkswagen announced that it will support technologies that allow electric vehicles to connect to private, commercial and public energy systems. CEOelectric cars power banks He said it would become.

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