Huawei, soon their smartphones HarmonyOIt will start updating with S, but the exact models that are planned to be updated have not been specified. Now, a new leak is the company’s proprietary operating system. HiSilicon Kirin 710 It suggests that it will bring it to devices running processor and higher.

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Kirin 710 and higher processor models will be updated

According to the information provided, Kirin 710 and Huawei devices based on newer processors Can be upgraded to HarmonyOS. Hence After 2018 We are talking about smartphones and tablets released on the market. Easy going chipsets The complete list will be as follows:

  • Kirin 710
  • Kirin 810
  • Kirin 820E
  • Kirin 820 5G
  • Kirin 980
  • Kirin 980 5G
  • Kirin 990
  • Kirin 990E
  • Kirin 990 5G
  • Kirin 9000
  • Kirin 9000E

The release of the stable version of HarmonyOS this year Engagement It is known to start in the month of. Foldable smartphone Mate X2 new operating system from first receiving devices will be one. also P50 series right out of the box of new flagships HarmonyOS There is also information about the future with it.

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