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Future Link Systems, a company that powers iPhone, iPad and new Mac computers Apple Silicon Apple on the grounds of patent infringement on processors. to court gave.

Company, Apple A and M Series both processors have their own “improving electronic circuits“patents for violated in sight.

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Have a contact with Apple on the interview Future Link Systems, however, does not support the Cupertino company themselves. that you don’t consider says.

In the complaint made iPhone, Mac ve iPad It is stated that all Apple devices with A or M series processors, including those, directly violate these patents.

He also sued Intel

Listed in the case file with numbers 6,317,804, 6,622,108, 6,807,505 and 7,917,680 of four patents electronic devices such as computers and smartphones “by circuit design“is expressed to be relevant.

By the way, the same company in 2017 IntelLet us remind you that he filed a similar lawsuit against. Future Link Systems 10 billion dollars Intel, from which he claimed compensation, hidden patent dispute with an agreement to the solution reunited.

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