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Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), Fuel price ceiling decision took. Turkey will apply to fuel sales in all provinces ceiling prices will be determined by EMRA. The ceiling price application will take 2 months.

The ceiling price for 3 provinces was determined as follows:

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The decision is in the Official Gazette: The quality of the fuel in the warehouses will be monitored

The Gasoline Types (TL / lt) Diesel Types (TL / lt)
Ankara 7,13 6,49
Istanbul – Anatolia 7,08 6,44
Istanbul Europe 7,07 6,43
İzmir 7,16 6,52

According to the decision taken, companies will definitely not be able to sell at prices higher than these prices. If it is determined that it has done, an investigation will be initiated by EMRA and necessary administrative sanctions will be applied.

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EMRA President Mustafa Yılmaz said, “Today, our Board has gathered extraordinarily and decided to apply ceiling prices to protect both our consumers and the sustainable and competitive structure of our industry. After our decision, we expect fuel sales at figures lower than the ceiling price and more price competition. There will be discounts of 17 to 20 cents in prices. However, nobody will be able to sell a penny expensive at the ceiling price ”he said.

It will take effect from tonight within the scope of ceiling price application prices by province; From EMRA’s official website will be published. EMRA had previously applied ceiling prices three times, in 2009, 2014 and 2015.

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