The Chinese government boycotted the Oscar Academy Awards, one of the most followed award ceremonies in the entertainment world. Bloomberg and Deadline According to reports, Nomadland director Chloe Zhao’nun and Hong Kong protests short documentary Due to their nomination, the Chinese state was told the local media “Do not post the awards ceremony“sent the order.

Nominated for an Oscar in 6 different categories Nomadland The director of the movie, Chloé Zhao, stands out as one of the rising filmmakers of recent years. However, some of the statements Zhao used about China in an interview in 2013 suddenly caused him to turn into a controversial personality. Zhao, who was also born in Beijing, said in the interview for China, “a place where everywhere is full of lies“He used the expressions.

Chloé Zhao is also currently directing Marvel’s new movie The Eternals. Zhao’s statements about China also made the future of The Eternals at the Chinese box office uncertain. Disney and Marvel place great emphasis on China, the world’s second-largest cinema market (winning the pandemic). Finally, the movie Endgame had grossed $ 630 million in China.

The second biggest reason China boycotted the Oscar award ceremony is Do Not Split named short documentary He was nominated. Norwegian filmmaker Different hammer in the documentary produced by Anti-Beijing protests and China’s rising dominance in the region.

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