In the world of smartphones, solutions where names such as Samsung and Huawei can mirror external screens to external screens stand out, but the pioneer of this business goes much further. Motorola Atrix 4G The laptop accessory is a thing of the past, but Motorola is back on the train.

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What is Motorola Ready For?

When needed, it has become increasingly prominent to perform operations on a larger area by projecting the screen of the smartphone to external screens. While Samsung and Huawei provided this to many models, Motorola also took action.

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Motorola Ready For feature announced by name Motorola Edge Plus The model is offered with the Android 11 update. When connected to external displays via USB Type-C or HDMI, the feature begins to mirror a window-based interface. A mouse and keyboard can also be connected to the phone.

Ready For feature is only available to Verizon carrier and Motorola Edge Plus will be specific to the model. Motorola has not yet announced whether it will bring this feature to other phones, but Amazon will soon release a dock. In this respect, we can guess that the feature will spread to more models.

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