Free games provided by Unreal Engine Epic Games, known for its graphics engine and Fortnite, has developed its platform with various innovations. continues to improve. Many innovations will come this year, the platform The first update has been introduced.

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Although Epic Games offers many opportunities in terms of price some problems of the platform obviously. Especially according to Steam many shortcomings has. However, with the updates that Epic Games previously announced and that will be published this year, the platform It will fix many of its shortcomings. Epic Games this year Wish Lists improving existing features, such as achievements like adding and refreshing the Social Panel it has some goals.

Here are Epic Games’ upcoming innovations:

Epic Game Store’s Vision for the Social Future

We want to turn the Epic Games Store into a platform where you can connect with friends from different platforms, join groups with voice chat easily and play games together without any hesitation. There are lots of features to be released, but today we want to share a preliminary review of the Group System.

Introduction to Group System

In the future, the Epic Games Launcher will feature a new group system that allows players to group together and communicate via voice, text, and other means. Thanks to common controls between all teammates, you’ll be able to get in or out at any point in the group experience. Chat with your friends and teammates while playing a game or looking for a new game to play together.

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Group Window

In the Group System, which will be released very soon, there will be an “Active Group Window”, an independent window for the Group you are active in. In this window you will have several options to communicate and play with your friends and teammates. Share your current highlights to convince your friends to play a game, or keep talking with the whole Group once you start an encounter with some of your group friends.

Join / Leave Groups

The Group will not have a single owner, so whenever a friend needs to be offline, the rest of the Group will remain active. In the window, each group member will be able to control their own audio and video options. You can also invite other friends or lock the group.

Continue Group Interaction In-Game

The Party Window plugin will also include In-Game Party Representation. The simplified view of the group will show the group members and their status, which can be turned on or off while in-game.

Arrivals This Month!

We are constantly designing, improving and iterating our existing features to make sure we provide a seamless social experience for our users. We are refreshing our Social Panel to improve the functionality of the entire panel, and here are some great features you will see starting this month:

Player Cards

Player Cards are coming! When you click on a friend in the Social Panel, that friend’s Player Card will be unlocked, giving you a variety of new options. Viewing the card will allow the player to take important actions to manage their friendship and see mutual friends. In the future, you will be able to join your friend’s group, invite yourself to a new group, and even customize your own Player Card.

Advanced Search

The new EGS Social Panel includes a more efficient search system. We’ve improved the search query and the results will now include the number of common friends, the ability to search across different platforms, and a better overall match. If you have a pending game invite, you will be able to click “Join” to start the game and join your friend automatically.

Minimized View

We wanted our users to be able to interact with an accessible and compact view of the Social Panel without having to open a completely different window while browsing the Epic Games Store. From here you will be able to see notifications such as game invites and friend requests.

Do not bother

After the addition of extra social features, it is your most natural right to ask not to be distracted while in the launcher or in the game! The “Do Not Disturb” button will prevent you from receiving notifications while playing games, such as game invites or friend requests.


Whispers are not widely used, so they are disabled for now, but we hope to bring them back with improved functionality for messaging with friends later.

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