Your blue team Rocket Lake processors have been eagerly awaited by hardware enthusiasts for a while. The firm detailed their new solution with the Cypress Cove core.

IPC increase after generations

Used in the Rocket Lake family for years 14 nm+++ Thanks to the transition to the new architecture while the process is preferred 19% IPC increase will present.

RAM overclocking support for mid-segment motherboards

On processors above Core i5 DDR4 3200 MHz RAMs on the platform where it can be used H570 and B560 chipsets too RAM overclocking support is included.

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AVX 2 command and overclocking operations AVX-512 Rocket Lake processors also support the current PCIe 4.0 standard, which AMD has offered for a long time.

In addition Intel Deep Learning Boost ve Vector Neural Network Performance increase in deep learning algorithms will be achieved with commands.

Xe architecture iGPU 50% faster

20 PCIe 4.0 The chips on the channel are Xe architecture With UHD750 iGPU it comes new iGPU %50’ye will offer much performance increase.

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10-bit AV1 ve 12-bit HEVC as well as the new integrated graphics unit that can speed up its codecs HDMI 2.0 ve DP on the side of HBR3 supporting chips Thunderbolt 4.0 ve Wi-Fi 6e It is also enriched with standards.

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