Recently new Hyundai StariaThe Korean manufacturer, who shared the hint images of ‘, is here with more information and photos this time. Thus, the new Staria, which we had the chance to see its design in more detail, seems to make a difference in its class.

The front section of the new Hyundai Staria attracts attention with its design that continues up to the bottom of the logo in an oblique angle with the glass. In this area, we see a thin LED strip that extends along the length of the vehicle to the fenders, which serves as daytime running lights. In the lower part, there is a large grille that varies in design and height depending on the version. While this area is home to many sensors, vertically positioned pixel lighting is also here.

When we look at Staria from the side, we see a very simple and fluid design. The Korean manufacturer, who made the fenders more prominent by inflating them, aimed to make the interior more spacious and bright by keeping the windows in this area quite large. At the rear, there is a small spoiler and vertically positioned taillights, and the design of these lighting varies according to the version, like the front ones. Also, the rear bumper has been kept very low to facilitate the loading process.

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The new model is basically Staria ve Staria Premium We learned that it will have two different versions. In this context, details such as bumper, lighting and rim design may differ. For example, we see a different pattern on the grid of Staria Premium. Apart from that, front and rear bumper, side mirror covers and 18-inch wheels It seems that many details, including the one, are covered with brass-chrome.

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The interior, which is made quite spacious with the panoramic glass roof as well as the wide front and side windows, is inspired by the cruise ships. In the center of the console 10.25 inch in size Includes a large multimedia screen. Just below it is the gear selector, which is designed as a button like in Santa Fe. The digital display screen, which we could not see before due to the angle in the tip visuals, is placed far behind the console.

Staria Premium version has features that offer more comfort than the entry level. For example, 7-seat versions have the feature of activating the relaxation mode with a single button on the second row captain seats. In the 9-seat version, the second row seats can be turned 180 degrees to face the rear seats. In this way, passengers can comfortably chat with each other while traveling. Staria Premium also has features such as 64-color ambient lighting.

When it goes on sale, the 2021 Hyundai Staria will be a good option for both business and families, with seating configurations between 2 and 11 seats. Staria Premium will be offered in 7, 9 and 11-seat configurations. It has been announced that the new Staria will be officially introduced in the first half of this year.

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