New generation version of VR devices specially produced by Sony for PlayStation consoles controllcüsü recently introduced.

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Next generation VR set for PlayStation 5 announced

Just like the introduction of PlayStation 5, in the next generation VR device controller introduced first. The new generation announced for PS5 in the past weeks VR device from its renewed controller first images were shared.

When we first look at the controller, it is undoubtedly the most striking point changing design and it has become a sphere. Controller as explained before not just as design, has also changed in terms of features. PlayStation 5 controller Popular features of DualSense adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, also in the controller of the new generation VR will be found.

Also controller finger touch detection will also include the feature. Renewed design ergonomics one in terms of will improve looks like Again, Sony has made its promise in the past months.

You can find the first images of the controller below. The next generation VR device is not expected to come out before 2022.

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