Publishing and developing by Netmarble and Kung Fu Factory puzzle-based basketball game NBA Ball Stars announced for mobile devices.

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Voted the best rookie of the year in the 2019 – 2020 season Ja Morantincluding NBA Ball Stars; quality graphics, It comes with easy controls and a fast-paced game. The game in the future many more NBA stars will be added and this way the popularity of the game will grow rapidly.

Own the game By creating your NBA team you will start and then the puzzles you solve, along with the tasks you fulfill will renew your squad and you will improve. Developer game all NBA lovers and puzzle game lovers says it was developed for.

The game is currently pre-registered on the page here. for your iOS or Android device You can pre-register. Unfortunately for now the game release date It’s not certain. The announcement trailer of the game you can find it below.

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