The flagship realme GT 5G, developed by the realme brand with a focus on players, was banned from the AnTuTu platform in the first week. The developer team states that suspicious activities have been detected on the phone.

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Realme GT 5G is cheating?

realme GT 5G Before the model was released, vice president Xu Qi Chase shared the device’s score of 770 thousand points on AnTuTu. The AnTuTu team went to the oddity of how the Snapdragon 888 chipset, which could reach 735 thousand points even in the best case, made a splash on this phone and they decided to test it by purchasing the phone.

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The team, which purchased 12GB RAM and 256GB storage option as soon as it was released, encountered some suspicious movements in their research. The first is that in multi-core tests, the system directs the tasks only to the performance cores and affects the score. The second is that the system devotes very little processing power to the JPG opening in the interface tests, and then the distorted images appear. Since the JPG opening process is not shown to the user, corrupted images cannot be noticed immediately.

AnTuTu team banned the realme GT model from testing for 3 months after the problems detected. When the problem is resolved, it will be able to take the tests again, but if the problem is not resolved within this period, the phone will not be able to enter the tests unlimitedly. The realme team states that they are in close contact with AnTuTu.

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