Koh Dong-jin, head of Samsung’s mobile communications division, acknowledged at the annual shareholders meeting that there is a serious imbalance in semiconductor supply and demand. Galaxy Notethe introduction of that you could delay told. A new member to be added to the Galaxy Note series introduced in the second half of each year. next year can be left.

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New device to the range can be added next year

Many rumors have been on the agenda for the last few months about the Galaxy Note series. The rumors in the past months that the Galaxy Note series will be completely removed from production have been denied by the company. The latest statement from the technology giant is that the global chip supply problems will put Samsung into a difficult situation, and for this reason, the introduction of new phones in the Galaxy Note series this year is very is not possible specified.

Koh said: “The Note series is in our portfolio of business. top level it is positioned as a model. Introducing two flagship models within a year can be cumbersome, so launching the Note model in the second half of this year can be difficult. “The launch timing of the Note model is subject to change, but we plan to introduce a Note model next year.”

Another reason behind Samsung’s lack of plans to launch the Galaxy Note series this year is that it wants to increase the sales volume of the Galaxy S21 series. Galaxy S21 UltraIt is thought that the large screen and S pen support offered in the Note series appeals to users of the Note series, and therefore Note series device owners who want to change their device may prefer the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


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