Puzzle game published and developed by independent developer Alejandro Zielinsky Poly Vita Released for iOS devices.

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Monument ValleyInspired by, the aim in each episode of Poly Vita is to complete the parts given to you and your character. draw a path. In total 30 different episodes and the developer promises that each will provide a different experience. Also of the game nice design It should be added that it has. Finally, the soundtrack of the game piano weighted and specially designed for the game.

Poly Vita is currently on the App Store 27,99 TL’ye is open to access. There is also a premium version for the game. Size of the game 108 MB. You can find the store page and the video of the game below.

Poly Vita
Poly Vita
Poly Vita

Poly Vita

Alexander Zielinsky

109.5 MB

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