Your red team HELP solutions offer highly competitive performance for players with limited budgets. It looks like the new APUs will be even more ambitious.

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AMD’s 2021-2022 roadmap partially shared

An engineer from AMD shared his post Van Gogh APU’sunun The boot record revealed important details. New APU based on boot log 256-bit wide DDR5 works with memories.

APU with 4 channel memory controller is on the way

4 channel memory controller DDR5 kits considered to be in control RDNA2 It can offer a voluminous performance increase for APUs that are expected to switch to architecture

See Also. “Mobil RTX 3050 surfaced: 45% ahead of GTX 1650”

On the processor side Zen 2 Van Gogh chips, which will include architectural cores, Xbox Series X/S ve Playstation 5 It has a similar design to its consoles.

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