The digitalization of the world in every field has of course been beneficial for the players in many areas, but of course, the advantage of digitalization is of course. a quality internet we can see it with. Considering that the internet used in our country is bad, it is for us to download games that increase in size. in a much more difficult situation is coming. Especially XboxThe decreasing download speed in is also complicating things. However, recently Nice improvement by Xbox has been transferred.

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Xbox Engineering lideri Eden MarieAccording to the share made by Twitter on Xbox, the console games enabling us to download faster running on a system. After a new update that will be released soon Xbox Series ve Xbox One on consoles You will be able to play games without slowing down your download speed.

While playing games on Xbox consoles, you can use the online features of the game without interruption download speed automatically being lowered. With this new update, you can able to suspend and without slowing down your download speed you will be able to download. By the way, of course the game too will remain playable. You will be able to turn this system on or off.

Unfortunately for now the update will be released date unknown. When the feature is added “Manage Queue ” from the page “Suspend my game “ You need to click on the option. However, it is said to be recently. You can find the post by Xbox Engineering leader Eden Marie below.

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