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Appleaims to improve the user experience of the headphones, according to a new patent application. Company, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max He wants his devices to be able to identify different ear tips or on-ear ear pads and adjust the volume accordingly.

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Variable sound levels for different ear tips and sponges

Apple’s patent on AirPods explains: “For example, an equalizer setting can be selected or changed based on identification data. Hearing protection settings can be changed, including, for example, limiting the speaker volume of the headset, changing an active noise canceling profile for the headset, and so on.” include statements.

The patent is one for different ear tips and ear pads. label talking about the system. A special tag sensor on the device can read these tags and can change the sound settings. In this way, users will be able to protect themselves from the sudden change in sound level.

Apple is looking for different ways to disable these tags, in other words they don’t require power. As a possible solution, NFC tags or some kind of miniature RFID Displaying use tags.

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