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Appleis working on an advanced under-screen fingerprint detection technology based on off-axis angular light. A faster and more accurate fingerprint sensor The tech giant, which is working for the company, focuses on optical fingerprint detection, which uses light instead of ultrasonic vibrations to read and analyze the fingerprint with a patent.

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Off-axis angular light is used

The main problem with optical fingerprint scanners is that the fingerprint image has low contrast due to low light input, making the fingerprint difficult to read and increasing the time required to authenticate a user. Appleto solve this problem, patented a new technology that includes a system in which off-axis angular light is captured through filtering options based on the angle between the screen and the sensor.

In the patent statement: “For certain objects, oblique light generates stronger imaging signals than light normal to the viewing plane. For example, a fingerprint detection system / device with omni-directional illumination, such as an under-display fingerprint detection device, may use oblique angular filters to capture stronger signals to improve image contrast.

According to the patent, the lights emitted from the pixels of the device screen illuminate the finger placed on the screen. Light reflected from the finger bounces back and is detected by a sensor at the bottom of the screen using off-axis angular light. This way the finger is better lit up and data from a larger area of ​​the finger, not just the part that touches the screen. getting.

It is not yet clear when Apple will use this technology on its devices, but some rumors from January will be introduced this year. iPhoneIt shows that in-screen Touch ID will be included in the ‘s.

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