Both in the game industry and the movie industry subscription services has been a big part of our lives. One of the largest companies in the world Coca Cola announced its own subscription service. However more a different system and will only serve in Japan.

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As you know, subscription services are monthly for a certain fee It is given to the collective services offered. Generally, when you look monthly in terms of price, for the user it is much more profitable. Of course, it becomes much more profitable for the company in the long run. Coca Cola a new subscription service Preparing to start.

People in japan Coca Cola he bought from vending machines Coca Cola decided to use this service due to the decrease in its numbers. People in japan $ 25 per month in return, limited to one per day provided that they are in Japan He will be able to buy coke from the vending machine he wants. In total in japan 340,000 vending machines has.

Covid-19 people have started to avoid contact with the environment outside and this service Increasing sales of vending coke Waiting. If you pay $ 25 a month to this service and drink a coke every day, 10 dollars profit is made. Coca Cola company in Japan in these vending machines not just cola also tea and coffee sells many beverages, including.

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