Twitter’da shared YouTube Playing videos becomes easier. Until now, when you wanted to watch YouTube videos on Twitter, Twitter was closed and a YouTube video was opened on a separate page. As of today direct playback feature started to be tested.

Thanks to the feature tested on the iOS platform, YouTube videos on Twitter are directly Will be played in Twitter. When you tap the screen again to watch it in full screen, it will switch to YouTube.

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Since YouTube videos are played on a separate page, users did not prefer to click on YouTube links. With this change, it is planned to increase the number of YouTube shares and increase Tweet interactions.

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Speaking about this tested feature, the Twitter spokesperson said that the test has started in 4 different countries. Yet these countries do not take place in Turkey. Test for about 1 month the process will be and will be made available to the public according to users’ reactions. It will also be tested on the Android platform.

Two new features for photos are being tested

In addition to the YouTube feature, two new features for photos are being tested. Photos will be displayed in full size regardless of the aspect ratio. In addition, photos up to 4K resolution will be displayed in high resolution. You will be able to turn this feature off if you wish.

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