The cryptocurrency market is attracting the attention of everyone young and old today, and people are exploring how to get rich in this market. Naturally, numerous entrepreneurs are launching different currencies to attract this interest. Caizcoin is the last of them.

What is Caizcoin?

Whether cryptocurrencies comply with Islamic rules is still a matter of debate. There are many religious scholars who think that there is no jazz because it is a tool for money laundering. However, there are some who try to overcome this perception with different solutions.

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Caizcoin The new crypto money project, which started pre-sale with the name, offers full compliance with Islamic rules. A framework for how a blockchain network will comply with Islamic rules has yet to be drawn, but the project already seems to have received halal certification.

Caizcoin, which seems not much different from the current money projects in the market, does not offer any advantage other than permissibility. Currently, pre-sales continue at 65 cents. There will be a reward program for those who use the application and wallet.

The most striking aspect of the project is that it will be listed on world giant exchange platforms such as Uniswap, Binance, 1inch, Huobi. Of course, it is not clear whether these are actually agreed or just a wish.

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