Publishing and developing Of Bethesda made, passing in space open world game StarfieldWas announced in 2018. Unfortunately, almost no details have been shared since the day it was announced.

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The map of Starfield, Bethesda’s open world game set in space, will be 4 times larger than Skyrim.

The latest rumors of the game that it will be released soon. VentureBeat reporter, who has pre-reported such news many times before Jeff GrubbSays Bethesda’s highly anticipated game Starfield will be released this year. What you said Covid-19 There were some concerns, but the game 90 percent chance will be published within this year.

Both Microsoft and Bethesda like to announce or detail their big game shortly before its release. Even Bethesda in 2015 Fallout 4introducing published it a few months later. Therefore, it is not a very surprising situation.

During this month Xbox giving a presentation expected but not official information. Also in summer Officially the Xbox will host event announced. That’s why we can find out about Starfield’s release date soon. However, as we said only one rumor this information.

When the game is out Xbox Game Pass from day one will be included in the system.

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