Mark Gatiss ve Steven Moffat created by BBC’nin Sherlock As you know, the series started in 2010 and ended in 2017. Despite the reaction of the fans towards the last seasons, all viewers are still new season in a series he has been waiting for and loved.

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Sherlock’s lead role in the past weeks Benedict CumberbatchRather than Sherlock’s new season your movie is more likely to come He said it was. Speaking to Collider recently, the other leading role in the series Martin Freeman also made statements about the series.

Martin Freeman is also in the fifth season of the series. Sherlock is more likely to come back with a movie finds. The calendar for both lead roles is now quite full. Considering that the parts of Sherlock are already a movie long, making a movie for them too will be comfortable.

Yet in the middle there is nothing official It is worth noting. Maybe one in the following years we can see the announcement. Normally, both actors had a very clear negative about Sherlock.

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