Successful director of films such as Alien, Blade Runner, The Martian and Gladiator. Ridley Scott’s new project it became clear.

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According to Deadline’s report Ridley Scott and Creator of the Peaky Blinders series Steven Knight, II. World War themed come together for a series. Name of the series Roads to Freedom will be and It will consist of 10 episodes.

Roads to Freedom, Sir Antony Beevor, a military historianSteven Knight and Sir Antony Beevor will be the authors of the series. Series II. World War many from an international perspective He was told to tell. When we look at the names at the beginning of the series documentary style We can say that it will be close.

The series will focus on the connection of soldiers, women and children in many countries with one dramatic point. The first episode of the series directed by Ridley Scott undertake Unfortunately about the series more details unknown at the moment.

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