RX 6700 XT’de Unlike the other members of the RX 6000 series, AMD does not come across with enough stock, in the entry-middle segment card preparation.

Navi surfaced for 23 days

A Twitter user post sheds light on the Navi 23 GPU. Compared to previously shared details of Navi 22 Navi 23 on RX 6500 It seems more likely to come across.

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The features of the RX 6000 series are listed on Newegg: frequencies up to 2.5 GHz are coming

Within 32 CU 2048 The card containing the processing unit is in this state, the Navi 22 25% cropped form in position. The chip membrane area also decreases by 100 mm2 with the trimming. 236 mm2’ye regressed

128-bit memory You will be communicated over the bus. VRAM If the unit is 16 Gbps’te serving 8 GB GDDR6 consists of memories.

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Following the introduction of the RX 6700 XT with 2K gaming experience, the card based on Navi 23 1080p modeli as focuses on launching. Finally, according to the Chinese source Navi 23 GPUlu The new solution will be available for $ 384 next month.


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