United States Nashvilledeki Vanderbilt University Medical Center ”Why In research by Candace McNaughton and colleagues, more people in the afternoon What can cause covid infection announced.

Guardian’published in the news and yet not reviewed by the referee In new research, coronavirus tests less likely to give false results when done in the afternoon than at other times of the day It was put forward.

30.000 test

Last year Mart and June between months ABDperformed in the Nashville area of In the study, which was conducted by examining the results of 30 thousand PCR-based tests, it was determined that the most accurate time for the test result to be positive within 24 hours was determined as 14:00.

The scientists who carried out the research showed that our immune cells interact with the coronavirus and daily “circadian” ( Circadian rhythm; It is the repetition of biochemical, physiological and behavioral rhythms on living things that emerge as a result of the 24-hour journey of the world around its axis. In short; We can define it as our body’s biological clock. ) Due to the rhythm, the amount of virus transmission may increase in the first hours of the afternoon. stated.

Made before ve influence studies with other viruses, such as the risk of an individual’s symptoms and transmission of the virus to others. Can change over a 24-hour period was shown.

Who did not participate in the research but made an explanation Dr Rachel Edgar, virologist at Imperial College London, is a 24-hour day changes collected in nose and throat swabs may affect the amount of virus put forward.

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In order to further develop the research, the head of the study said that people should be infected with Covid-19 and then monitor whether their viral loads change at different times of the day. Candace McNaughton, “If I wanted to have the most accurate Covid-19 test possible, I would have it done early in the afternoon,” he said.

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