Nvidia DLSS’i Although it was not found successful in the first period of use and even the internal render resolution of the games was compared to the scaling setting, today it both brings a voluminous performance increase and offers a pleasing quality.

AMD has been used by users for a long time. Unable to respond to Nvidia his criticism for reasons will apparently end soon.

Scott Herkelman The interview with him shed light on the curious issues. According to Herkelman, AMD is already working on the DLSS alternative and plans to give good news this year. However, it was noted that there is still a lot of work to be done.

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In addition, another important title of the technique that the red team will produce is naming the name. Instead of FXSS and FFS known so far, AMD uses its own scaling technology. FSR will name it.

In addition, Herkelman touched on an important issue. Scaling by name technology doesn’t have to be machine learning based.

Indeed, in this AMD’s RX 6000 series cards, Nvidia’s Tensor Core An explanation in line with the fact that it does not include similar separate hardware and Microsoft’s DirectML solution does not require separate hardware.

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Finally, although the company is about scaling technology cross platform emphasis Although it does, it is expected that the priority in AMD FSR will come on the PC.

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