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The global chip crisis affecting the automotive industry is also threatening the PC and smartphone manufacturing industries. While the chip crisis will affect some phone manufacturers as well Apple’aused on iPhones Samsung OLED there is bad news about panels.

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Samsung has shut down the facility

Samsung’s big winter storms February 16The chip manufacturing facility in Texas, which has been closed since 2000, accounts for 5% of the global supply of chips for smartphones and personal computers. The plant shutdown has become one of the reasons behind a widespread global chip crisis.

Samsung’s Texas factory, chips for Qualcomm is producing. The facility’s closure slows down Android phone production. According to the latest reports, the facility also produces chips for Samsung OLED displays that Apple uses in? IPhones.

Apple may face disruptions in the production of iPhone models that use Smasung’s OLED panels. The company has its own production lines in chip factories thanks to agreements with chip makers, but Samsung’s closure of the facility will make Apple’s job difficult.

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