Social media giant Facebook, Under the age of 13 a new for kids Instagram developing version. As you know, according to Insagram’s current policy, this age group should use the application. forbidden. Some details about the company’s work in this direction decipher happened.

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Instagram Vice President Vishal shahAccording to Instagram, it’s just for kids safe a version needs to be created. In his message for experienced manager social network employees, younger age the company wanted to build a version of Instagram where users can spend time safely. priority announced that they have made it one of their goals.

Policies are tightened

As mentioned in the introduction, you are currently 13 years old limit there is. However, this ban is easily exceed possible. Social media platform recently adults and teenagers He explained that it was preparing to implement new policies that restrict the interaction between

Wishing to make the platform more secure for younger users, Instagram unfollowing to young people to send a message will prevent. In addition, young users who try to correspond with suspicious-looking adults have security warnings will show.

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