RDNA2 Although architecture cards are not available in stocks, new ones continue to be added to the list. AMD has begun to focus on the expected mobile solutions.

RX 6000 AMD, which faced Nvidia in the upper segment after years, plans to push the green team in the mobile wing as well.

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Mobil RX 6000 series seen on the horizon

AMD RX 6800M

AMD based on resulting IDs Navi 22 based on RX 6800M preparation. 73D5: with ID C3 RX 6700 XT’nin It can be said that the chip located between the variants will arrive with 2560 processing units.

In addition, according to the claims RX 6800M 145, 135, 100 and 90 watts It can be divided into 4 different TGP steps. Considering that the ID in question belongs to the option with high TGP, AMD’s RX 6700M solutions with 90-100 watt TGP as Nvidia’s Max-Q It is predicted that it will position against the cards.

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192 or 160-bit vover the melt To 10-12 GB of VRAM Navi 23, which will follow the chips that will reach, is expected to appear in the RX 6600M and RX 6500M. Finally, Navi 24 on multimedia-focused laptops Nvidia’nın MX400 ve Intel’in Xe Max It can be offered as an alternative to models.


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