The story of real people or filming real events often turns out to be a good result. Especially recently, we see many works in this style. The production we will propose this week is also based on a real event from the recent past. The Two Popes.

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Directed by Fernando MeirellesThe scriptwriter is Anthony McCarten undertook The Two Popes this week The construction we recommend to you. In many branches Oscar nominated and the cast of The Two Popes, which won many awards in general, is also of high quality. In the cast Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, Juan Minujín, Luis Gnecco, Cristina Banegas sees Renato Scarpa.

The plot of the movie is as follows: Disappointed by the way the church is going Cardinal Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) in 2012 Papa Benedict’ten (Anthony Hopkins) asks for permission to retire. Dealing with scandals and a lack of self-esteem, the insightful Pope Benedict summons his toughest opponent, Cardinal Bergoglio, to Rome. Papa, future successor cardinale Of the Catholic Church reveals a secret that will shake the foundations. These two men, very different from each other, confront elements from their past to find common ground and build a future for the one billion Catholics around the world. This confrontation triggers a struggle behind the walls of the Vatican, both between tradition and progress, and between guilt and forgiveness.

The events described in the movie are very much real events. So when we look at it from the general perspective, I can say that you are watching a real event. That’s why the movie isn’t very action-packed, has a stable structure. But quality of acting you cannot help yourself while watching the movie and you lock on the screen. Since the events are actually happening, it is wondered what the outcome will be. Although it is an event that is not talked about much in our country, it was a very talked about event in the Vatican and in Europe in general.

Due to the nature of the film, everyone I easily recommend. The acting is really tremendous and so everyone should definitely give at least a chance. The movie is currently You can find it on Netflix.

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