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According to new information Xiaomi own quickly electric car started to work on the project. This development is the head of the company. Lei Jun announced to the investors by.

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Initially into the project will lead The person was reportedly going to be Xiaomi’s CEO, but now sources say that the company’s strategy director from the project Wang Chuanclaims to be responsible. Wang Chuan has been with Xiaomi since 2012. Of the company TV business It managed to install successfully from scratch and was very successful as a result. Also the company’s in the automotive industry It is stated that they are looking for experienced employees.

Will be released in 2025 at the earliest

Xiaomi’nin from scratch it is not thought to create a car. Seems like, From Chinese manufacturers It will be based on someone’s model. After these news, the company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. shares Increased 2.6%. 2021 February At the end of the month, sources reported that Xiaomi was planning to create its own electric car. According to the report the company is the last to enter a new market. strategic has made the decision.

Some experts suggest Xiaomi’s in the smartphone market He is confident he decided to develop an electric car because of the recession. Near-complained sources, Xiaomi’s earliest Until 2025 They state that they will launch their electric car on the market.

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