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Proofpoint security researchers, CopperStealer released details about a previously undocumented new malware named. According to Proofpoint, Copperstealer malware is trying to steal user account passwords from Facebook, Instagram, Google and other major service providers. Stolen passwords are used to run malicious ads and spread more malware.

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First discovered in January this year CopperStealer malware by Proofpoint researchers JULY 2019Web giants such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google have been found to have silently hijacked their users’ online accounts and then used them for malicious activity.

In a report published by Proofpoint: “In analyzing a sample targeting Facebook and Instagram business and advertiser accounts, we also identified additional versions targeting other major service providers such as Apple, Amazon, Bing, Google, PayPal, Tumblr and Twitter. said.

According to the report, CopperStealer malware, the previously discovered Chinese backed malware family SilentFade’e It works similarly.

Security researchers, as the importance that can be taken against these attacks, on users’ accounts two-factor authentication He states that they need to (2FA) enable. In this way, an additional layer of security will be created.

Researchers from 159 countries so far 5046 device Revealed that he was impressed by the CopperStealer.

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