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A federal jury in Texas used to distribute encrypted content in iTunes, App Store and Apple Music apps Fairplay because of some of its services, including Apple’s, Personalized Media Communications’a (PMCIt was decided to pay $ 308.5 million in royalties.

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Apple will object

The lawsuit was first filed in 2015, but Apple had challenged the validity of the patent with the Patent Trial and Appeals Board. Apple’s objection was accepted at first, but later the appeal was overruled by the court.

In the case, an expert assigned to determine the royalties calculated the amount at $ 240 million. The jury members who do not accept the amount determined by the expert will pay the royalties. For 308.5 million dollars took off.

Stating that they will object to the decision, Apple said: “Such cases are unproductive or not selling, innovation obstructing and ultimately to consumers damaging It is revealed by the companies “statements were given.

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