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Brazilian consumer protection agency Procon-SPThanks to the efforts of Apple, the local of the country Consumer Protection Lawfor violating $ 2 million was fined. The reason for the punishment is that the company iPhone models without charger to sell.

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According to reports, last year December In 2017, the Procon-SP agency tried to sell smartphones to Apple without against local law reported that. However, Apple most buyers that you already have the charger, so in the box one more saying that there is no need to add response gave.

This is not the only reason for the punishment

Fine Procon-SP, after making its decision, complies with Apple’s Brazilian law and consumer protection agencies. to respect and stated that he should understand. American company only in the iPhone box no charger not only due to the iPhone’s customers but also water resistance fined for misleading contort striking. Apple smartphones since iPhone 7 waterproof on the property. For example, iPhone 12for 30 minutes Up to 6 meters It was certified to be able to withstand water.

Procon-SP, Apple’s due to water malfunctioning iPhones Under guarantee claims he refused to fix it. In addition, American company, users new models old iPhones through software updates to encourage purchase slow down deliberately has been charged. As for the fine, Apple’s decision right to object also available.

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