A comedy game published by Thunderful Publishing and developed by Studio Fizbin. Say No! MoreThe release date for iOS has been announced.

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The game that is normally expected to be released in 2020, unfortunately It was postponed to 2021. The release date of the game was announced in the past hours. To you who plans to teach to say “no” Say No! More, April 9th ​​for iOS devices will exit. Android version There is no explanation for the moment, but its future is known.

The store page of the game has not been opened yet, but you can find it below.

Introductory Letter

Say No! More is a one-button “Say No” game. You will learn to say “no” in a universe where the word no is forbidden, ruled by arrogant people, human value is measured by professional experience, and bosses bully.


  • Learn how to say “No”.
  • Recharge your “no” power and save it for bigger No’s.
  • Make friends during the lunch break!
  • Laugh out loud because this game is so funny.
  • Anger your colleagues by laughing, saying “hmmm” and applauding.

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