Both Microsoft and Sony late last year new generation consoles they released it. As you know, some time before the new generation consoles were released, developer kit are sent and developers develop their games for the new generation thanks to these kits. Of course making games is a big challenge, but Remedy Entertaintment‘tan Thomas Puha, Sony’s new generation in this respect ready to start says.

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Control, Alan Wake ve Quantum Break Remedy Entertainment employee Thomas Puha, developer of games such as games, recently gave an interview. In the interview, he said Sony is more prepared for the next generation than Microsoft. Thomas Puha in his sentence looking only from the developer’s perspective.

He said that Sony is reusing things that work on PlayStation 5, so developers are more comfortable told. Microsoft has changed many things. Thomas Puha, Microsoft’In the following process, the change made by flour surely more beautiful and that it would be comfortable only for now PlayStation 5 feels more comfortable says.

Thomas Puha also Xbox Series S’Undoubtedly, he thinks he’s keeping the developers a little behind Xbox Series S to future developers whether it will make you have a hard time is also a great curiosity.

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