Founder of tesla Elon Muskelectric cars in China espionage It denied the reports that it was used for the purpose. An American entrepreneur who attended the China Development Forum with a video link, in the descriptions was found.

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The Chinese government has many camera found in Tesla on the grounds that cars could leak information to the US military personal and public servants to use Tesla Restriction It was reported that he was preparing to bring.

Called for mutual trust

Musk, Chinese officials to national security The use of Tesla-branded vehicles by the military and other critical institutions due to a possible threat to he will prohibit He used the following statements for the news:

“A business is really espionage If it does, it is extremely serious for the company in question. negative effects will be. Pretty much about the information closed we have to act. If Tesla, In china or used their cars to spy in any country would be closed.”

The two largest economies in the world USA with China Relationships between years nervous case. Among the world’s largest economies, such as the USA and China, in Musk’s speech mutual trust called for the establishment.

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