Samsung, a for cars biometric sensor patented. The South Korean company is developing technology that only the owner of the vehicle can activate. Cars with this system theft can be taken under biometric protection against.

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Many of advanced technology Although it has appeared, cars are still theft becomes a victim. What special alarms do not GPS tracking devices could not eliminate this problem. Samsung’s new technology will increase theft rates in the near future. significantly reduce seems possible.

It will offer multiple security measures

South Korean engineers more than one to the car biometric fingerprint sensor suggests placing. One of them will be found on the steering wheel and this is only authentication not only pass, but also the engine will run. The second can be placed on the door handle. Therefore, two factor protection recommended to be done: only to the vehicle get on not enough but also wanted using your fingerprint. you will be able to run.

Samsung it can also add an extra step to this system. Accordingly, the driver fingerprint authentication to be able to of your smart phone will have to be with you. This technology developed by Samsung with auto manufacturers whether the South Korean giant plans to share own car Whether it is ready to launch is not yet clear.

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