With the growth of Netflix, we started to see dozens of special content every year. Although Netflix’s special movies and series are criticized documentaries It must be said that it is far from criticism. You can find good and bad documentaries about almost any subject on Netflix. I too, as someone who has a passion for games today Recommending Netflix’s game documentary I wanted.

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The production we propose to you this week is the story of the game world Documentary called High Score. Narrating the documentary Charles Martinet undertakes.

Documentary series High Score, which is the golden age of video games, Pac-Man ve Doom It deals with the period when legendary games such as were released. Leading computer programmers and visionary artists around the world, demonstrating their ingenuity and willpower Space Invaders, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog ve John Madden Football He founded unforgettable worlds of games such as. Players and creators pushed the limits of money to be won, opponents to be crushed, and hearts to be reached, without any rulebook or roadmap. This is almost by chance the brains behind the pixels and their unique innovations. The story of establishing a multi-billion dollar industry.

If you are someone who is new to the game world, I would like to state that this documentary will be extra enjoyable for you. Many about the past interesting information you will learn. In addition, the documentary is not just a documentary in which people talk on the screen and there are old and new images. Seriously production has been tried. You will understand better when you watch what I mean.

Documentary for now 6 parts and focuses on the history of a different game in each episode. Each episode is approximately 40 minutes. Documentary I easily recommend it to anyone who is interested in games. Documentary right now You can find it on Netflix.

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