DysonAnnounces its new air quality monitor and cleaner with the ability to identify formaldehyde levels, monitor and remove formaldehyde in your home. Hot + Cold (Hot + Cold) with new Dyson Formaldehyde Purifier modelsHP09) and cold (TP09) has a similar design to its predecessors but is now more functional.

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The way to get rid of formaldehyde in confined spaces

New devices like their predecessors to break down formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide Cryptomelane they use catalytic filters. Formaldehyde, an organic compound made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, is produced by all life forms and is also emitted into the air by household products such as paint and furniture. carcinogenic it is considered a gas.

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Dyson devices, a generic VOC Using the (volatile organic compounds) sensor, he could only detect various VOC gases as a whole. This meant they could not tell if there was an increase in a certain type of VOC, such as formaldehyde. A new sensor developed changes this situation.

The newly developed formaldehyde sensor on the circular screen of the device him the in mobile application available formaldehyde levels also capable of reporting.

Dyson in the product description: “It combines a precision solid-state formaldehyde sensor with a unique catalytic filter that continuously removes formaldehyde. HEPA and activated carbon filters also capture dust, allergens, gases and other pollutants, and Dyson cleaners are powerful enough to purify the entire room. Air Multiplier technology. “gave the expressions.

Dyson also adds that new models of the air cleaner are approximate compared to previous models thanks to the change in the way the air flows through the products. 20% quieter says it is.

Including Dyson, allergens, bacteria, pollen, mold spores and more 0.1 micron for particles as small as %99.95 a ratio of catch claims to be the rate.


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