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Google in August 2016 Fuchsia OSannounced. According to the company’s usual development and release process, the current test version is seen as the final test phase before the public test. According to reports, Google developers plan to release the first developer preview of Fuchsia OS to the public soon.

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Fuchsia, an experimental operating system built from scratch by Google, based on Chrome OS and Android Linux Kernel‘Unlike Zircon It is based on a new microkernel called. Widespread rumors emerging that Fuchsia will be used instead of Android or Chrome OS have been reported by Google administrators was rejected. Fuchsia mainly uses the latest technology to test and transfer the results obtained in this process to other projects. to integrate It was said to be used for.

At the end of January, in the Fuchsia project “releases/F1A new code branch named ”has been created. Later, several dozen codes were added from the main branch to this F1 code branch. About six weeks after the F1 branch was seen, the “releases / F2” branch emerged this time. Looking ahead, the Fuchsia bug tracker even has issues tagged for fixing in a later “F3” release.

According to these actions of the Fuchsia team, Google’s Fuchsia OS developer preview It is believed to be about to release.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, president of Android and Chrome OS on Fuchsia OS: “The importance of the new operating system, smart home devicesis the ability to support different hardware devices such as wearable devices and even augmented reality or virtual reality devices. We launched Android for mobile phones; we launched Chrome OS for web applications; Therefore, the new system can also be optimized for certain devices and our team is working in this direction. “

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