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LG ElectronicsThe fate of the unprofitable mobile division of January It was believed that he would determine the month by the end. But Engagement is approaching and yet on this an official statement not done. Now the Korean media is running the company’s smartphone production to their new owners instead of selling shutting down He reports that he will choose to.

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The final decision will be announced in April

Bloomberg As reported by the South Korean publication, this information is DongA Ilbo referring to resources within the company. LG kunprofitable Vietnamese holding to sell this division Vingroup and European automaker Volkswagen AG with interviews had done but could not get a result. 2015loss in LG’s core business since $ 4.5 billion exceeded, and now the company management is more than liquidating it. option does not see.

According to Korean sources LGplanned to be released in the first half of the year your new smartphones work on launching suspended. According to the news of DongA Ilbo, LG Electronics employees, until the beginning of April of the management decision on the fate of the mobile division disclosure they are waiting.

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