The Perseverance, which was downloaded to Mars last month Ingenuity helicopter getting ready for its first flight. Helicopter, according to NASA’s statement Early april He will perform his first test. Researchers are currently first week of the month has set it as a target date.

NASA released an update about the mission, “We expect Ingenuity’s test flights to begin in the first week of April. We have yet to determine the exact date of the first test flight, as our engineers are currently working on details such as the positioning of Perseverance and Ingenuity. “ used the expressions.

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NASA to fly helicopters on Mars: Ingenuity lands on Mars tomorrow

NASA sees the Ingenuity helicopter as just a first step. The space agency did not install any scientific equipment in the helicopter, which was developed as a purely technology test. There is only one high resolution camera.

Weighing 1.8 kilograms, Ingenuity lifts its propellers from a helicopter on earth due to the incredibly thin atmosphere on Mars. 10 times faster have to turn (2400 RPM). NASA thinks that if this mission is successful, the exploration process of Mars will accelerate tremendously. Based on future technologies used in Mars, Ingenuity dozens of helicopters We can see that he is flying exploration.

On the Ingenuity’s first flight, it is expected to take off about 3 meters from the surface. NASA researchers will conduct Ingenuity’s communication with Earth via the Perseverance rover, so Ingenuity will be able to travel no more than 1 kilometer from the rover.

If the Ingenuity is successful on the first test run in April it will be the first flight in another world.


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