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OperaiOS application in his third year going to some changes. The company is changing the name of the application as one of the most obvious changes. Opera Touch The company, which is located in the app store with its name, will now use only the name Opera.

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Third year of the Opera app for iOS

The browser, which made some changes in its third year, with the name change the color of your logo also changing. Included in Opera Touch mor standard with icon changing name red regains its color.

The app brings a new look to the bottom bar and quick action button. Opera has been implementing for a while minimalist The lines are tried to be continued by changing the diagonal background and removing the shadows in the items.

Opera until February of the iOS user base over 65% in the last 12 months said it increased. Updated application, today to users as of started to be presented. It may take some time for it to be accessible to all users.

Opera: Fast and Private Browser
Opera: Fast and Private Browser
Opera: Fast and Private Browser

Opera: Fast and Private Browser

Opera Software AS

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