Security problems, which increase with the developing technology, cause countries to turn to domestic technologies, especially in the field of defense industry. The USA, which makes use of technology in the defense industry, is one of these countries. The Pentagon, the country’s top military unit, turned its direction to the US chip manufacturer Intel.

Under the coordination of the Defense Ministry’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which operates under the Pentagon, the partnership will focus on microchip production concerns that the US may face in the long run. The possibility of a China-based intervention in Taiwan, which is the country with the highest supply in the field of microchip production, greatly worries the country’s senior executives. An intervention that could render critical weapons and defense systems unusable is one of the most feared issues for the United States.

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The agreement also coincides with the $ 37 billion stimulus package approved by US President Joe Biden to increase production in the face of a global microchip stock shortage. How much DARPA will pay to Intel under the agreement has not yet been announced. However, it is stated that tens of millions of dollars can be paid to the company within the scope of the program called SAHARA (Structured Array Hardware for Automatically Realized Applications).

DARPA and Intel, which will work with researchers from Florida, Maryland and Texas A&M universities, want to accelerate the automation process for chip production of structured application integrated circuits that offer unique security features, work much more efficiently and consume less power. According to DARPA, these features make electronic systems for defense purposes “effective and efficient alternatives”. Working with researchers at these institutions, Intel will also develop new methods to protect data against reverse engineering and fraud attacks.


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